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HIT Environmental Consultancy (HIT ENVIRO) is a consultancy of the Harare Institute of Technology’s Environmental Management, Renewable Energy and Climate Change (EMRECC) Research Centre, specialises in environmental impact assessments, environmental rehabilitation, developmental projects, environmental auditing, independent external reviewing and verification of environmental reports, development and assessment of Environmental policies, procedures and objectives, environmental planning, sustainable waste management technologies, environmental conservation and processes planning. HIT Environmental Consultancy is registered with the Zimbabwe’s statutory environmental regulatory body, Environment Management Agency (EMA), registration number EIACO59EMA.

HIT ENVIRO has carried out a number of projects which have attracted national and international attention. The HIT environmental consultancy team comprises of multi-skilled specialists drawn from various Departments who can tackle various types of consultancy work.

HIT ENVIRO also works with communities, taking initiatives in providing assistance in projects which enable sustainable livelihood for marginalised communities.


Eng. Anthony Phiri – Environmental Assessment Practitioner (Principal Consultant)

Engineer Phiri is a holder of: PhD Waste and Environmental Management, M. Tech Chemical Engineering (Disposals Site Technology), MSc Chemical Engineering (Plastic Technology, Process and Product design), Member of Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers, Member of Southern Africa Institute of waste Management and Waste Management Journal Reviewer.

Sunny Chikwanha – Environmental Technologist

Safety, Health and Environmental Impact Assessment Consultant. Sunny M Chikwanha is a holder of an MSc Degree in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sustainability, BSc (Hons) Degree in Environmental Science and Technolody, Executive Certificate in Investments and Portfolio Management. He is a prospective D.Tech student in Environmental Management. Mr Chikwanha is also a researcher and has years of experience in consultancy. He is credited with crafting degree programs in the field of safety, health and environmental management, integrated environmental management and waste management engineering and envirotechnology.

HIT ENVIRO has the following experts drawn from various Departments:

These experts are involved in all projects in which HIT ENVIRO is concerned.



Hit Enviro has carried out several EIA’s in various fields. There are however some notable projects which are listed below.  

  1. Disposal site EIA Reports review on behalf of EMA – as a specialist in the field of waste management HIT ENVIRO was appointed by EMA to assist in Landfill EIA Reports assessments (E.g. Mimosa Mine Disposals site). HIT ENVIRO was also instrumental in disposals site guide lines generation.
  2. Waste separation at source projects – HIT ENVIRO also make tailor made waste separation strategies (e.g. Beitbridge landfill site).
  3. Landfill site EIA Reports – HIT ENVIRO does landfill site prefeasibility, feasibility and environmental impact assessment reports (e.g. Victoria Falls Disposals site, Beitbridge Municipality Landfill site and ZTC landfill site.
  4. Coal Bed Methane Gas Exploration EIA’s
  5. Housing Development EIA’s
  6. Mining Development EIA
  7. CBD Development EIA
  8. Road construction EIA
  9. Hotel establishment EIA
  10. Paper making plant environmental assessment
  11. Oxygen and acetylene plant environmental assessment
  12. Optometry plant environmental assessment


Contact persons

Dr. Anthony Phiri

Director - Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Mr. Sunny Chikwanha

Environmental Technologist

Harare Institute of Technology
P O Box BE 277, Ganges Road
Belvedere, Harare

E-mail: phiriam15@yahoo.co.uk

Cell: +263-774 379 969

Phone: 04 741 422- 37 Ext 2310

Harare Institute of Technology
P O Box BE 277, Ganges Road
Belvedere, Harare

E-mail: schikwanha@hit.ac.zw

Cell: +263 772 685 041


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